Personalised on taste, allergens, products, and whatever is needed for the athlete to succeed


The athletes know WHEN, WHAT and HOW MUCH they should eat before, during, and after the training or game day. 


The software always offers three options to choose from to educate athletes while catering to every taste


Book optional 1:1 video call packages, where we clarify WHY nutrition is important and to build solid habits


The snack plan is based on the analysis of +1000 scientific papers from the last 5 years and new ones are added every day


We run a food-first approach. But we are also able to integrate any supplement supplier, listed on the Cologne List or certified as equal

Let us introduce the


Keep it simple


Step one


Set up your profile by sharing your information like height, weight, allergens, and training sessions & your game days

You need only 2 minutes to set up the profile

Choose from 30+ sports types

Send us the profile and training & competition schedule to skip manual setup

step two

Personalised quantities

Our software provides personalized quantities for an infinite number of athletes

Based on 1000+ scientific papers

Send us your own foods and supplements 

We recommend foods & supplements on request

Step three

Where to find foods?

Get your personalised shopping list for local grocery shopping or get it delivered via online food delivery and online supplement shops

We follow a food first approach!

Only certified products from the Cologne list

Based on NADA and WADA guidelines

Download the case study with 1. FSV Mainz05 

Learn more about the nutrition challenges Mainz05 faced at its junior training center and
the benefits the Prevess snack plan is providing

what our partners say


"The results after using the Prevess snack plan have convinced us in every aspect. We look forward to expanding the partnership beyond the 22/23 season."

Marvin Kilian

Head of Athletics, Rehab and Sports Sciences
1. FSV Mainz05

"Finally, we have a solution for nutrition in professional soccer. The Prevess snack plan complements and underpins my work perfectly."

Gernot Nischwitz

External Soccer Consultant & FIGC licensed Sport Physical Therapist

"Before the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, we had the best training camp in 6 years, with no injuries or training cancellations due to overtraining."

Phillip Semechin

Head coach
Swim Team Paralympics Berlin


Simple Pricing For Every
Organizational Structure


€ 59,99

per Month/Athlete*

Prevess APP

  • incl. 10% injury reduction
    incl. 10% performance boost
    incl. supplement import by Prevess

Community area

Basic support

1 year contract period


Online supplement shops

Import of training sessions

Prevess STARTER Partnership

€ 9,99

per Month/Athlete*

Prevess APP

  • incl. 10% injury reduction
    incl. 10% performance boost
    incl. supplement import by Prevess

Community area

Premium support

1 year contract period

Prevess as partner*


Online supplement shops

Import training sessions

Online food delivery

*Please note that the displayed price is discounted by 75%. The difference is either paid via a marketing expense (barter deal) or compounded.

Optional package

1:1 Video sessions

Nutrition counseling is a personal and emotional topic for you? So are we!
That's why we offer 1:1 video sessions for a minimum of 10 sessions per month, while one sesssion is 60 minutes long.

Only € 1 per minute

Certified performance nutritionists 

Accessible worldwide & 100% individual

Book demo

Do not hestitate and make an appointment with our team now.
In 30 minutes you will see the added values of the Prevess snack plan and we answer all your questions

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